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Bindus has millennia of history with water.  Water is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It can both nourish life and act as an agent of change or destruction.


An ancient name, with thousands of years of history harnessing the power of water, is now a modern company and brand continuing the tradition.

Count on Us

Founded in 2007 to bring the highest quality hydronic products to Wholesale Distribution Partners, via our world-class customer service team.

Premium Home Heat

The brand that started it all! Decades of refinement make AQUECOIL® the best choice for replacing hairdryer-quality heat strips with radiator-quality warmth.

Simplify Installation

Heat Pump Helper™ was designed hand-in-hand with technicians to speed up installation of AQUECOIL® units with every type of high-output hot water.

Available Everywhere

A Factory-Direct online store created to make product available anywhere in the USA and Canada where Stocking Distribution Partners may not be present.

Be the light.  Do the right thing. Adapt and Thrive.

Our Core Values

All Bindus companies are driven by two primary principles.

The Golden Rule.
Treat others as you wish to be treated. Easy to say but hard to follow through. All employees of Bindus companies do the right thing because it is the right thing. We promise only what we can deliver and will not lie to close a sale. Experience the difference when you deal with us.

Accept. Adapt. Thrive.
The world is constantly changing and the key to thriving is to be able to adapt to the changes. Each new dawn brings new possibilities and new opportunities. Accept that which is inevitable and then adapt to deliver exactly what the new normal needs. Bindus is here to help innovate new products and processes to take each step into tomorrow with practical solutions.

Let’s work together on your
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